In Manhattan, the avenues generally go in ascending whole numbers from east to west. There are some non-numerical avenues thrown in, but the numerical ones are always whole numbers. Yet in 2012, a newly constructed avenue, 6 ½ Avenue, was constructed between 6th and 7th avenue in midtown Manhattan. Running form 51st to 57th street, this pedestrian-only avenue opened in July of 2012. This avenue is composed of privately owned public spaces (POPS for short), and there are official street signs that say 6 ½ Av with stop signs at every intersection. The POPS that compose of this avenue vary from air-conditioned walkways to open air plazas where one can sit and relax. This avenue is an interesting place to check out, though be sure to avoid visiting it at rush hour and lunchtime as hundreds of office workers also use this avenue.

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