Four times in a year, a very unusual, yet beautiful event happens in Manhattan. This event, called Manhattanhenge, exists due to the fact that Manhattan was built with a grid in mind. Every year, first in May and then in July, the sun lines up with the east-west streets of the Manhattan grid. While this phenomenon of the sun aligning with the streets can occur with any city that has a grid layout, Manhattan has two characteristics that make Manhattanhenge stand out. First, the Hudson River and NJ are relatively flat, allowing you to see the horizon from the streets of Manhattan. Second, Manhattan’s tall buildings perfectly frame the sunset, making for some beautiful pictures. These characteristics makes Manhattanhenge a must see if the weather is nice and if you could spare a few minutes to go to the larger streets like 14th, 23rd, 34th, and so on. It is recommended that you go as far east as possible, as the maximize the affects the beauty of this event, but make sure you can still see glimpses of NJ from where you are standing.